Educational and Promotional Activities

The Noh Theatre Research Institute has been involved in activities promoting Noh as a performing art, taking advantage whenever possible of its research results. We hope to help introduce as many people as possible to the world of the Noh theatre, by educating researchers and other specialists, and providing a variety of opportunities for the newest results of research to find the widest possible audience.

The "Nōgaku Kenkyūsha Ikusei Puroguramu" (Program for the Training of Researchers of Noh Theatre) is a program offered in the Japanese literature major of the Graduate School of Humanities for the training of students who aim to become researchers or other specialists in the field. In addition to scholars who study Noh theatre from historical and theoretical perspectives, we aim to train specialists with the ability to undertake surveys on Noh-related and other cultural materials, work in the field of promoting Noh as a living theatre, and participate actively in disseminating knowledge of Noh's special appeal to a global audience.

The Noh Theatre Research Institute participates in programs run by Hōsei University for the general public, in order to gain recognition of its research findings and promote a broader appreciation of the Noh theatre. "Hōsei Daigaku Nōgaku Seminā" (Hōsei University Noh Theatre Seminars), co-sponsored by the university's graduate school, and "Shin Nōgaku Kōza" (New Noh Theatre Courses), run by Hōsei University's Extension College, are venues at which specially invited scholars and performers present their unique perspectives on the multi-faceted appeal of the Noh theatre.

The Institute is well aware of the educational possibilities of the Internet (see below). We plan to provide information on our own website, as well as through cooperation with other institutions, in an effort to make Noh theatre more familiar to a wider section of the public.