The Kanze Hisao Memorial
Hosei University Noh Theatre Award & The Saika Award

The recipients of two annual awards for excellence in Noh theatre are selected by a committee within the Noh Theatre Research Institute. The Kanze Hisao Memorial Hōsei University Noh Theatre Award was established in June 1979 with an endowment from the family of KANZE Hisao (1925–78), to commemorate his remarkable contributions to the world of the Noh theatre before his untimely death at the age of 53. He is widely thought to have embodied Zeami's aesthetic ideals, and always strove to communicate the essence of Noh. Recipients of the award include performers, researchers, and critics of outstanding achievement, as well as individuals and groups who have made distinguished contributions to the promotion of Noh theatre. The Saika Award was established in April 1988 with the endowment of the Hattori Memorial Hōsei University Fund for the Promotion of Noh Theatre, made when the KANZE Shinkurō-ke Bunko was donated to the Institute. It is awarded in recognition of distinguished contributions made by musicians and supporting actors (in the waki role), especially those based outside the main urban areas. Both awards are recognized widely in performing and academic circles as authoritative accolades for activities in performance, research, and promotion of the Noh theatre.